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71-year-old Debbie Harry: My ‘bisexual days’ are gone

71-year-old Debbie Harry: My ‘bisexual days’ are gone

Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry reveals she’s no longer bisexual.

The Blondie lead singer said puts her sexual experimentation when she was younger down to hormones.

She said: ‘My bisexual days have gone by actually.

‘I have great affection for some of my female friends but I think maybe when I was younger it might have been a little more hormonal and our hormones change,’ she said.

A recent study found 57% of young people said they felt like they did not fit into the traditional definition of heterosexuality.

Harry wasn’t surprised: ‘They’re exploring all the options and perhaps that’s what I was doing.

‘It just seems that now we can deal with it a little bit better, for some reason,’ she said.

In a musical career spanning almost 50 years, Harry came out publicly as bisexual in 2014, but says she mainly dates men.

‘Women are more sensual’

Harry dated fellow band member Chris Stein for 16 years and also had most of her relationships with men.

The singer is just looking for love but has never had an interest in settling down or having a family.

As a strong advocate for LGBTI rights, she turned down an opportunity to perform at Russia’s Sochi Olympics.

Harry said: ‘Why make such a big thing out of a personal choice or a natural instinct?

‘It seems barbaric and idiotic,’ she said.

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