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7.6% of Japanese people identify as LGBTI

7.6% of Japanese people identify as LGBTI

Japan has an LGBTI population of 7.6%, according to a recent survey.

This is equivalent to one in every 13 persons or 9.67 million people.

Advertising company Denstu polled 69,989 adults aged 20 to 59 on 7 and 8 April.

A similar survey in 2012 found that only 5.2%, or one in 19, Japanese people identified as LGBTI.

Dentsu said their methods had changed so it would be difficult to directly compare the 2012 and 2015 results, but it noted that more LGBTI people were daring to come out as society changed.

Tokyo’s Shibuya ward became the first locale in Japan to recognize gay couples in April and the country saw its first celebrity gay wedding later that month. Although their marriage registration was later rejected, the ceremony was broadcast on Japanese television.

Dentsu have been actively targeting LGBTI consumers, who spend 6.6 trillion yen ($63 billion) every year, according to Tokyo-based consultancy Qocci.