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8 films in 2019 to get excited about

8 films in 2019 to get excited about

Stills from Rocketmen and MIB: International

2018 was a great year for LGBTI audiences at the movies.

From Love, Simon to Colette, there was an abundance of diversity and representation on the big screen. Some of those films, like Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favourite, is also posing as a strong contender for awards season.

Hoping to keep that momentum going, here are eight films you should be excited about in 2019.

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel may only be queer in Marvel fans’ hearts, but that isn’t stopping everyone from declaring themselves gay for Brie Larson in the upcoming superhero flick.

Captain Marvel is Marvel Studios’ first solo female superhero film and it’s been a long time coming.

Fans’ first hint at her character, a hybrid human-alien hero, was in the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War. Following her own solo film, Larson will appear as Captain Marvel in April’s Avengers: Endgame.

Captain Marvel comes out 8 March.


Bohemian Rhapsody became the highest grossing music biopic of all time this year. Will next year’s biopic about the legendary Elton John try to attempt to break that record once more?

Taron Egerton stars as the openly gay singer in the upcoming film. John released his debut album, Empty Sky, in 1969 and this movie recounts his rise to fame.

Egerton also recently detailed a sex scene he shares with former Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden in the film.

Rocketman comes out 31 May.

Men in Black: International

Queer actor Tessa Thompson. In a suit. Flirting with Emma Thompson. Need I say more?

That’s all anyone could talk about when the first trailer for the new Men in Black spinoff premiered.

The film takes the premise of the original movies starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and launches it into the global arena. Top-secret organization MIB, meant to monitor alien activity on Earth, goes to London in this new film.

Thompson stars as a new agent teaming up with a veteran agent played by her Thor: Ragnarok co-star Chris Hemsworth.

Men in Black: International comes out 14 June.

Untitled Richard Curtis and Kate McKinnon film

Not much is known about this as-yet unnamed movie, but it’s a comedy-musical written by Richard Curtis and starring Kate McKinnon. Therefore, it’s at the very top of my list.

Danny Boyle directs and other stars include Lily James (who wowed us this summer in the musical sequel Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again), Himseh Patel, and Ed Sheeran.

In March, Boyle and Curtis revealed the movie is set in the 1960s/70s about a struggling musician ‘who thinks he’s the only person who can remember the Beatles’.

This movie comes out 28 June.

The Lion King

Beyoncé as lioness Nala singing Elton John songs in a photorealistic live-action remake of one of Disney’s most beloved animated films.

John returned to the film to help rework his songs for this new project. Beyoncé also signed on to rework the music with John, as well as perform in the film.

In February, John reported that he, Beyoncé, and Tim Rice were creating a new song for the end credits.

Here’s hoping Beyoncé gets an epic solo song as Nala in the movie — perhaps Shadowland from the Broadway musical?

Comedian Billy Eichner is also in the film as Timon.

The Lion King comes out 19 July.

Charlie’s Angels

When Kristen Stewart was announced to be one of the new Angels in Elizabeth Banks’ upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot, excitement shot through the roof.

She’ll star alongside Naomi Scott, known for her work in the recent Power Rangers movie and Disney’s upcoming live-action Aladdin, as well as newcomer Ella Balinska.

But what we all really want is for Stewart’s Angel to be queer, obviously.

Charlie’s Angels comes out 1 November.

Frozen 2

Please, please, please let Elsa get a girlfriend in the highly anticipated Disney sequel.

After numerous missteps with LGBTI representation, Disney could really use this as a chance to win back some disenchanted fans. Plus, we all know Let It Go is totally a coming out anthem.

Frozen 2 comes out 22 November.


When it comes to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Cats, you either love it or hate it.

That debate will come to a head in the new Tom Hooper-direction adaptation of it for the big screen. The musical depicts a single night of a tribe of cats who perform the Jellicle choice. They must decide which cat will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new life.

The all-star cast includes Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, James Corden, Ian McKellan, Idris Elba, Judy Dench, Rebel Wilson, and more.

Cats comes out 20 December.

And keep an eye out for indie films, as they tend to have good representation but without the needed publicity to make waves.

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