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8 reasons we’re in love with the English county of Norfolk

8 reasons we’re in love with the English county of Norfolk

For those coming to London from afar, there’s an endless array of city breaks ripe for the picking.

While London (when the weather is nice) is arguably one of the best cities in the world, the English countryside is a stunning region not to be missed for its lush green landscapes adding a charming allure to surrounding cities and towns of various sizes.

From award-winning beaches to ancient Roman ruins, Norfolk is a great pick to escape busy city life and embrace a more colloquial setting rich with beautiful scenery, ancient architecture and what we’re sure are going to be some classic and homey pubs.

Just over two hours train ride from central London, is Norfolk the ultimate city break-by-the-sea?

We’ll let you decide after looking at the eight reasons we love the small but lovely county of Norfolk.

Lavender Fields

Norfolk’s Lavender Farm opened its 100 acres of lavender fields in 1932.

While lavender is in bloom from the middle of June until the end of August, the grounds are open year-round thanks the two gift shops, new animal farm and a Lavender Kitchen Restaurant.

Norfolk windmills

Because Norfolk was such a booming center of commerce, the area is still home to refurbished and intact windmills.

Many were formerly used for grinding flour and for drainage into outer town areas. Today, many are open as museums or holiday homes available for rent.

Holkham Beach

Holkham is repeatedly voted as one of the best beaches in the UK. Miles of sandy beach and a relatively easy tide make the beach a favorite for locals, visitors and even the local horse cavalry.

Castle Rising

Speaking of horse cavalries, Norfolk is also home to Europe’s largest live history event, hosted at Castle Rising.

One of the largest and best-kept castles in England, Castle Rising is surrounded by 20 acres of land where every year visitors from all over the world come to witness real-time recreations of some of England’s most important battles.

From jousting to shooting bows and arrows to enjoying some classic mead (the predecessor to beer), History Live! is a fun event for kids of all ages.

Photo by Skyscan Balloon Photography.

The gay-owned Cobbler’s cottage

This 18th century 2-bedroom self-catering cottage is set in a town called Little Snoring.

With exposed beams upstairs, comfortable sitting and living areas downstairs, the cottage is ideal for tucking away next to the fireplace, enjoying a barbeque in the enclosed garden or exploring the surrounding areas. Because the house gay-owned, LGBTI travelers can rest assured they will receive the best service and attention possible.

Felbrigg Hall

The words ‘elegant country house’ don’t do this estate justice. With acres of open-woods, tree-lined paths that lead to a lake, and a walled garden with local and unusual plants, Felbrigg Hall offers a real taste of the English countryside.

If weather is less than accommodating, explore the regal halls and rooms of the Hall itself.

Thetford Priory

Adding to the amazing photo opportunities in Norfolk, the Thetford Priory is not to be missed. A former East Anglian monastery, the cobblestone remains of the structure are as eerie as they are impressive.