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80% of China’s youth not homophobic

80% of China’s youth not homophobic

A poll on China's popular dating website Jiayuan has revealed that more than 80% of those born after 1980 'do not disapprove of homosexuality', providing more evidence of the widening generation gap.

The Xinhua news agency reported on Monday that 85,439 people answered the survey on The results showed that 83 % born between 1980 and 1989, as well as 82% of those born after 1990, do not have a problem with homosexuality.

Twenty-eight-year-old Zhao Siqi, who is gay and lives in Shanghai, is not surprised by the survey. ‘Nowadays, this thing becomes less important to young people,’ he told Gay Star News. ‘Young people can get rich information about LGBT [life] through manga, American TV shows, and foreign popstars which their parents can't reach. The more you know, the less you discriminate.’

Zhao presents a hopeful image of the future for gay people in China. ‘I think, when this generation grows-up, more will come out and fight for their legal rights. The day is coming.’

Despite this sign of acceptance of gay life in China, Jiayuan, the dating site that ran the survey only caters to men seeking women and women seeking men.