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800 celebrate sexualities diversity in Vietnam

Awareness and acceptance of LGBT people promoted at joyful event in Ho Chi Minh City

800 celebrate sexualities diversity in Vietnam

Eight hundred people gathered in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on Sunday to celebrate diversity of sexualities.

The event, which carried the slogan ‘Open your heart – embrace diversity’ was organized by Vietnamese LGBT rights group ICS (Information, Connecting and Sharing).

The three-hour event feature cheerful activities like games, singing and performances. It culminated with a mass dance to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and PSY’s Gangnam Style.

ICS gave out souvenir badges that read ‘I love him’, ‘I love her’ or ‘I love diversity’.

PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) showed their support at the event.

‘I understand that my son and homosexuals have to suffer the social stigma,’ PFLAG Vietnam member Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy told Tuoitrenews.

‘So I just hope that other parents whose children are homosexuals have a tolerant look on their beloved ones. Not only parents of homosexuals, heterosexuals’ parents who usually discriminate LGBT people, should also change their mind and be more sympathetic.’

Director of ICS Tran Khac Tung said:

‘We hope to organize bigger events in the future since we know that there are still many people, irrespective of whether they are LGBT or not, who want to support the LGBT community.’

In September ICS organised a flashmob for LGBT rights in three cities in Vietnam

Watch a video of the event here: 

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