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Meet the doctor fighting for better care for trans kids

Meet the doctor fighting for better care for trans kids

Dr Helen Webberley in her surgery.

This doctor is fighting for better care for trans kids.

Dr Webberley has been running an online gender clinic since 2014.

Her name hit headlines after it was revealed she had treated a 12-year-old.

While the General Medical Council put Webberley under investigation, the trans community supported her and approved of what she was doing.

New guidelines have been released that could completely reshape medical care for trans kids around the world.

The new recommendations would ease previous restrictions on trans medical care. It would make it easier to trans children to gain access to hormone blockers.

Despite this landmark move being welcomed with open arms, some medical professionals still bring up the 84% myth and are fighting against the reccomendations.

This myth states 84% of all kids who identify as trans will realize they’re not as they grow up.

Dr Helen Webberley came out against this claim, explaining it was based on ‘flawed data and skewed statistics.’

She is now fighting to bring an end to this myth and also provide more evidence to back up that care for trans kids would be beneficial.

She has written a review of the research behind the 84% myth. It’s currently being peer reviewed by a medical journal.

Dr Webberley needs your help

Her aim is to bring an end to this myth once and for all. This is in hopes of taking another step towards better health care for trans kids.

She explained: In order to get a current overview of the situation we have been conducting research with our patients and networks. As part of this we have been asking those who have feelings of gender incongruence, when those feelings began.’

A survey found 47.7% of people recognized they were trans ‘from a very early age.’

Dr Webberley continues: ‘Authors of the guidelines also state that a significant number of these children turn out to be homosexual or bisexual.

‘We are therefore keen to ask adults who identify as homosexual or bisexual when those feelings first emerged and whether they initially had feelings of gender incongruence in a bid to either verify or begin to dispel this myth.’

You can help with Dr Webberley’s case by answering the simple question below. She needs as many answers from LGB people as possible.