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90% of gay people voted for President Barack Obama

90% of gay people voted for President Barack Obama

A poll has revealed 90% of gay men and women voted for President Barack Obama to win the election, which he did last night (6 November).

The Community Marketing & Insights poll surveyed thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender United States voters, across all 50 states, to find out who they will vote for.

In other survey results, 95% of gay people said they would vote in the election, and 41% said they had voted before election day.

The remaining 10% was divided by 6% for Mitt Romney and 4% were for a third party candidate. 41% of gays and lesbians gave money to the Obama campaign.

According to general population surveys, roughly 5-10% of America is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

The survey results come after a recent study which said gays could potentially swing the US election in favor of Obama.

Authored by Williams Institute’s Gary J. Gates and Gallup’s Frank Newport, it found 71% of gay Americans supported Obama for re-election, while the other 22% supported Romney.

Research manager David Goldstein said in the last two presidential cycles, gay rights has gone from a social issue to divide the electorate to candidates proudly saying on both sides they supported equality.

‘LGBT voters, their issues, and their allies are well positioned to make a significant difference in many close races,’ he said.

CMI surveyed 6,625 LGBT people from 2-4 November 2012.