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A drag queen on Drag Race Thailand set herself on fire on the runway

A drag queen on Drag Race Thailand set herself on fire on the runway

A drag queen literally set herself on fire on Drag Race Thailand | Photo: Sceenshot

A drag queen on Drag Race Thailand literally set herself on fire on the runway.

Kandy Zyanide, real name Sukun Dongnoi, took to the stage in a silver and paper number.

With a lighter, she set fire to her dress. In a flash of flame, the bottom half of her dress disappeared.

Go to 4:14:

While shocking, and a gag, the act did clearly cause some damage. Even if she did win the runway.

Kandy spent the rest of the episode applying burn cream to her face.

Drag Race Thailand queen sets herself on fire

An image of her, bandaged, was also shared on social media.

Pangina Heals, one of the co-hosts of Drag Race Thailand, said: ‘Drag is not all about deathdrops and a split… yes I can do that shit but I do not HAVE to that to be a fierce drag queen.

‘What happened to the days when a queen is appreciated for expressing the emotions and the meaning of the song instead of killing themselves on the stage?!??’

Others on social media felt similarly.

One Redditor said: ‘Yes, it’s a gag. I’m shook but safety first queen!’

Another said: ‘OMG I hope the crew were ready to douse her if need be. That could’ve gone horribly wrong!’

And another pointed out the difference between the American and Thai versions.

‘RPDR girl : brings out bubble gun.


‘DRT girl : slit own throat on stage.

‘DRT judges : we need more wow factors from you.’

Drag Race Thailand – the first international spin-off

Thailand was the first place outside of the US to air a version of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Two of Thailand’s most eminent drag queens—Art Arya and Pangina Heals—present the show in lieu of the queen herself RuPaul.

Natalia Pliacam, now running for Congress, won the first season.

The second season even featured the Drag Race franchise’s first cisgender female queen.

Last year, RuPaul announced a UK version of her show coming to BBC Three in 2019.