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A group of Fascists blocked Budapest Pride but love won on the day

A group of Fascists blocked Budapest Pride but love won on the day

A close up of two men holding a black banner with dark glasses in the middle of a crowd they look very stern

A group of Fascists menacingly blocked the path of thousands of people marching in Budapest Pride over the weekend.

More than 10,000 people attended the 23rd Pride event in the Hungarian capital.

But a group of men who belong to the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement stood in a line along the parade route. They stood silently while holding banners, not allowing the parade-goers to pass.

People in the parade peacefully chanted at the men, while some played musical instruments and waved rainbow flags near the Fascists.

Not long after the men appeared, a line of police walked between the Pride attendees and the men.

Some people on the ground reported feeling threatened by the police presence until they realized they were there to remove the fascists.

Conchita Wurst sends her support

Eurovision winner, Conchita Wurst, performed at the Budapest Pride closing party. The drag queen congratulated the parade participants for showing courage during the incident.

‘It is very important to me to be here today, the rights of the LGBTIQ community are not where they should be,’ Wurst said to the crowd during her performance.

‘The people who went to the Pride and were on the verge of being attacked by right-wing demonstrators showed great courage, and I want to highlight this situation.’

Despite the brief protest, parade goers said the day was a great success and a fantastic event to be part of.

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