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A hot lifeguard helped a young Gus Kenworthy first realize he was gay

A hot lifeguard helped a young Gus Kenworthy first realize he was gay

Gus Kenworthy

It was just last month that the world learned the world’s best freeskier, Gus Kenworthy, is gay.

But the 2014 Olympic silver medalist had learned he was attracted to men when he was just a kid and on a family vacation to some hot springs.

‘There was a lifeguard there who was probably in his 20s, who was really fit and had, like, big arms and shoulders, which I hadn’t really seen before I guess – not in a swimsuit!,’ he tells Attitude magazine. ‘I was just like “Oh my god, what is happening!”‘

‘I didn’t know whether I was so drawn to it because I wanted to look like that or to have that to myself, but I knew I had this pull, and obviously that got more frequent and stronger as I got older,’ he adds.

‘If I would watch a movie and there was a love interest I’d always be drawn to the male lead, and I knew it was something I wasn’t ‘supposed’ to be feeling so I kept quiet about it.’

When Kenworthy was 16, he really understood with certainty that ‘this is what I am’ but had a hard time accepting it because that was the age when he went pro and started traveling.

Now 24 and in the early stages of dating a guy he won’t name, Kenworthy previously had a five-year relationship.

He made the first move on his now ex-boyfriend.

‘I had no idea he was gay or interested at all, we just became friends, and one night we’d been out to the bars and had a few drinks, and we staying at a friend’s and sharing a pull-out couch, and I kinda just thought I’m gonna kiss him, and if he punches me in the face I can play it off as having one too many to drinks or just being an idiot. But it ended up being reciprocated and it started a five-year relationship.’