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A new study has revealed average penis sizes across the UK

A new study has revealed average penis sizes across the UK

The average UK penis size has been revealed

It’s the eternal question: does size matter?

Whatever your answer, you may still be interested to learn the results of this study.

The UK average penis size is 6.36 inches, according to new research.

Men in Wales measure the biggest, with an average size of 6.56 inches.

London is in second place with 6.51 inches, followed by East Anglia with 6.47 inches.

Furthermore, the smallest average penis size in the UK is the East Midlands with 6.11 inches.

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This was followed by the South West with 6.23 inches and West Midlands with 6.26 inches.

The results don’t appear to apply to flaccid penises, if you’re wondering!

Here are the results of the poll (of 1,000 men) in full:

Wales: 6.56 inches

London: 6.51 inches

East Anglia: 6.47 inches

Scotland: 6.45 inches

North West: 6.41 inches

Northern Ireland: 6.31 inches

North East: 6.33 inches

Yorks & Humber: 6.29 inches

South East: 6.27 inches

West Midlands: 6.26 inches

South West: 6.23 inches

East Midlands: 6.11 inches

The research was research commissioned by International Andrology.