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Abby’s low-key coming out is a win for the bisexual community

Abby’s low-key coming out is a win for the bisexual community

Natalie Morales plays the titular role in new NBC's sitcom Abby's.
New sitcom Abby’s, starring Natalie Morales, has changed the game for coming out with last week’s episode. The NBC show created by New Girl’s Josh Malmuth is set in San Diego where Abby sets up an unauthorized, uninsured bar in the backyard of her rented house. What is most groundbreaking about this Cheers-like with a punch sitcom is that Abby, played by Morales, is a bisexual veteran of Cuban descent. To add to the awesome LGBTI representation, Morales herself identifies as queer, after coming out on Amy Poehler’s ’s Smart Girls blog in 2017.

Abby’s coming out wasn’t a big deal

In the latest episode of the series, aired on 11 April and directed by HIMYM’s Pamela Fryman, Abby officially addresses her interest to both men and women. As the bar prepares for Free Alcohol Day, Abby’s friend Dani (Cyrina Fiallo) brings free samples for everyone. The bar’s patrons start noticing sparks are flying between the two women.
A scene of Abby's.
Photo: NBC
Bill, portrayed by Nelson Franklin, asks Abby directly what is going on. ‘Wait a second, can we back up here for a second? Free Alcohol Lady is a lady. So, do you date women?’ he says. Abby is massively unbothered. ‘And men. I’m bisexual, Bill,’ she replies, before revealing Dani is one of her ex-girlfriends.
Natalie Morales in a scene of Abby's.
Photo: NBC
This. A lead just came out on national US TV in an extremely low-key way. And it’s the first bisexual lead on a network sitcom we’re talking about.

Morales is the first Cuban woman to play the lead in a sitcom

Abby is reportedly the first bisexual protagonist on an American network sitcom. And Morales is the first Cuban woman to headline a show. The last Cuban actor playing the lead in a sitcom was Desi Arnaz, starring alongside Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy in the 1950s. Abby isn’t the first LGBTI character played by Morales. She is also known for the role of Detective Anne Garcia in season 2 and 3 of Netflix’s zombie comedy Santa Clarita Diet. Watch the trailer for Abby’s below: Abby’s airs on NBC every Thursday night at 9:30pm.

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