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Absurd petition calls for ban on gender neutral toilet in UK school

Absurd petition calls for ban on gender neutral toilet in UK school

Image by Ted Eytan via Flickr french university to crete gender neutral toilets for students

A petition is calling for the removal of a gender neutral toilet in a UK primary school.

After the £12 million construction of a new building at Leytonstone’s Buxton School, a unisex bathroom was created to help gender nonconforming youth feel more comfortable at school.

And some parents are not happy at all.

Even though male and female bathrooms still exist in the school and no one is forcing any child to use a bathroom they don’t want to use, the petition calls for the immediate removal of the unisex toilet.

The petition, entitled ‘We Say NO! To Unisex Toilets at Buxton School’ reads: ‘We believe the decision to introduce unisex toilets will disrupt the hygiene, privacy, safety, security and the wellbeing of the children attending Buxton School.’

‘We fear that it may potentially cause an increase in sexually related incidents, including assault and harassment,’ it states.

But Executive headteacher, Kath Wheeler, is thrilled with the newest addition to the school and feedback has been ‘overwhelmingly positive’: ‘This has created safe spaces where pupils show respect towards each other and feel respected.’

The school posted this statement on Twitter:

But one respondent of the petition said: ‘Unisex toilets will just lead to children becoming sexually active even earlier!’

‘With the rise in sexual promiscuity amongst teenagers, the last thing we need is mixed toilets. Toilets are the last area of privacy that seems now to be invaded by political correctness,’ said another respondent.

Another misinformed signer of the petition said: ‘When i was there the locks didn’t work anyway and people would look over the stalls and thats only other girls being mean can you imagine a year 7 girl of 11 years of age with a year 11 boy of 16 years old kicking in a door or looking over?’

Yet, the cubicles are full-height and students can only use the toilets of pupils their own age.

The misinformation is staggering, but you can show your support for the school’s decision to include a gender neutral bathroom.