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Activists’ fury at US anti-sodomy laws

Activists’ fury at US anti-sodomy laws

Activists in Kansas are furious laws banning gay sex are still on the books in some US states.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, Kansas is one of the only states in America which still has anti-sodomy laws, which ban consensual sex between gay couples.

Campaigners are demanding the law be taken off the books completely in case 2003's Supreme Court ruling, which said the ban was unconstitutional, is ever overturned.

Kansas's conservative Republican governor, Sam Brownback, recently recommended that 51 outdated laws be repealed, but the 'criminal sodomy' statute, which includes oral sex, was not not one of them.

'We're not disappointed, we're angry,' Thomas Witt, chairman of the Kansas Equality Coalition, told Reuters.

'We are angry that the governor of a state wants to keep a statute on the books that says gay people deserve to go to jail.'

Witt is campaigning to have the anti-sodomy law abolished in the state.