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Actor Dominic Sherwood ‘sorry’ for saying gay slur in Facebook video

Actor Dominic Sherwood ‘sorry’ for saying gay slur in Facebook video

Dominic Sherwood says sorry for using gay slur

Shadowhunters actor Dominic Sherwood has apologized for saying ‘fag’ in a co-star’s Facebook Live video.

His co-star Matthew Daddario was on Facebook talking to fans when Sherwood entered the room, and could be heard off-screen saying: ‘What’s up, fag?’

Daddario told him to ‘stop! stop!’, adding they were ‘live’.

Late on Tuesday, Sherwood issued an apology in an Instagram video.

He called his use of the word ‘disgusting’, and said ‘I am very, very sorry.’

Fans have called on the Netflix show to fire the actor.

In the show, Daddario’s character Alec is in a relationship with Harry Shum Jr’s Magnus.

Fans call on Shadowhunters to fire Dominic Sherwood

‘To think that an actor who works on a show with SUCH important LGBT representation would even think to much less actually use such a horrible slur in casual conversation is absolutely revolting,’ one fan said on Twitter.

Another said: ‘Imagine calling someone a fag while they’re on set playing a gay character… That’s not even just lightheartedly using it cus he’s a clueless cishet dudebro that’s actually an attack on queerness. Fuck you Dom Sherwood.’

In Sherwood’s video apology, he is seen standing beside Daddario.

‘I’m speaking to all of you today to hold myself accountable, and not to make any excuses in any way. The way I behaved today was disgusting and abhorrible, and Matt’s reaction was absolutely correct It was one of disgust,’ said Sherwood.

‘I am truly, truly sorry’

‘I think so many problematic phrases go unchallenged and they perpetrate negativity and hate and intolerance. And today I was a part of that and I am truly, truly sorry.

‘Moving forward, I will endeavor, with every ounce of me, to make sure that the words I use create love and happiness and tolerance and never create hate or intolerance or unhappiness or sadness for anyone. Because that’s never my intention. That’s never anything that I’ve ever wanted to do.

‘And I will deeply consider the words I use to make sure that they encapsulate exactly what I mean, and exactly what I’m trying to say, rather than sending out a message that I in no way mean.

‘So, I just want to say that I’m deeply sorry to all of you, and to my castmates, and I’m sorry for disappointing my fans and the fans of the show, and all of you, and everyone here and myself. So, I’m truly, truly sorry.’

‘Everyone…on this show stands for love and kindness’

Matthew patted Dominic’s back and gave a solemn: ‘Thank you,’ before segueing into a lengthy speech of his own, during which Dominic looked close to tears.

‘ I just wanna say one thing, especially to the young people who watch this show, rely on this show. I want you to know that we support you tremendously. It is a conversation that we have everyday. It is something we work for everyday.

‘And I wanted to make it clear that everybody – to everyone – that this cast, that this show, this crew, we stand for love and kindness. And we know that the fandom does as well. And we can’t – we could not be more proud of you for what you stand for, and how you spread that love and kindness. So, thank you all.’