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Actor Kevin Spacey appears in court to face sexual assault allegations

Actor Kevin Spacey appears in court to face sexual assault allegations

Frank performance: Kevin Spacey faces prison term if convicted. Photo: Kevin Spacey YouTube

House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey has appeared in court today (7 January) to face allegations of groping a teenager in 2016.

A non-guilty plead was presented during the hearing in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Spacey faces allegations of sexual assaulting Boston news anchor, Heather Unruh’s, son. If found guilty of indecent assault and battery stemming from the incident, the actor could face up to five years in jail.

Assault claims against him have also surfaced in London and Los Angeles.

Spacey pleaded not guilty

A lawyer for Spacey, Kevin S. Fowler, had earlier asked the judge to allow the hearing to happen without the defendant present. However, that request was refused.

Spacey remained silent and nodded when Judge Thomas Barrett told him he was not allowed to contact the alleged victim.

He was then released without having to pay bail after a 10-minute hearing. The judge also set the pre-trial hearing date for 4 March. Spacey will not have to appear in court, as long as he is available by phone.

Watch the video of the hearing below:

What happened?

According to court documents released in December 2018, Spacey and the then 18-year-old met at the Club Car restaurant in Nantucket two years ago.

The young man told Spacey he was 23 ‘ the legal drinking age is 21 in Massachusetts. They started drinking first beer and then whiskey.

Unruh’s son said he spoke of his girlfriend of five months to Spacey, at which point he was allegedly told to stop texting her by the actor. The accuser then said Spacey started talking about the size of his penis, the reported.

According to Unruh, Spacey then stuck his hand down her son’s pants and touched his genitals.

Her son reportedly tried to move away and fled from the bar when Spacey went to the restroom.

Let me be Frank

On 24 December, Spacey released a bizarre video titled Let Me Be Frank, where he appears in-character as Frank Underwood, the former protagonist of Netflix series Houses of Cards.

Spacey left the series as sexual assault allegations began to surface and actress Robin Wright took over as the lead.

‘You wouldn’t believe the worst without evidence, would you? Wouldn’t rush to judgment without facts, would you? Did you?’ Spacey said in the video.

‘I’m certainly not going to pay the price for the thing I didn’t do.’

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