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Actor shares with GSN details of filming sex scene with Jack Falahee for How to Get Away With Murder

Actor shares with GSN details of filming sex scene with Jack Falahee for How to Get Away With Murder

Michael Adam Hamilton found himself in very tight quarters with Jack Falahee in this week’s episode of ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder.

Hamilton was cast as a gay young lawyer named Julian who the gay character of Connor (Falahee) runs into at the courthouse.

It seems the two had hooked up in the past but Julian did not remember the encounter right away.

‘I give him flack for that but it turns out we’re both a little bit whorey,’ Hamilton tells Gay Star News. ‘Later we try and recreate the situation to try and remember. He wants to remind me because he’s so offended.’

Hamilton says of sharing scenes with Falahee: ‘My favorite thing about working with him in this role is I have no idea if he’s gay or straight in real life and I don’t care. He did a great job – it was two actors doing a story and both committing to it.

‘If you commit to it and not take yourself too seriously, we are doing the most simple thing in the world – it’s fun.’

Sex scenes involving Connor have broken new ground on network television including the premiere episode where it’s made clear he is rimming his sex partner.

Falahee said in an interview this week that all of the steamy sex scenes involving Connor have been ‘plot driven.’

The sex scene between Julian and Connor takes place in a bathroom stall.

‘When you get the hankering, you gotta go for it,’ Hamilton says, laughing. ‘Like most TV love scenes, it’s kind of a montage – pants there, hands here.’

The episode was directed by Eric Stoltz who initially had the actors facing each other and locking eyes as they had sex. When he realized the position would not be physically possible unless one of them was a professional gymnast, Stoltz stopped the take and said, ‘I believe one of you has to turn around.’

Despite getting some ‘razor burn’ from Falahee, Hamilton is a fan of the Connor character and the fact that he’s been getting so much same-sex action on screen.

‘I think it’s great and a long time coming,’ he says. ‘Straight male leads in shows have been galavanting around bedding women and no one has been giving them flack. This is a male lead who happens to be gay – he just represents people who really exist.’

Hamilton is straight – married with three kids – but the actor has played several gay roles including the lead in the film The 10 Year Plan this year.

The actor, who will also guest on NBC’s State of Affairs starring Katherine Heigl on 1 December, was thrilled to be working on How to Get Away With Murder which stars Viola Davis as an intense and hard-charging law professor and defense attorney.

‘The show actually shoots really fast and continuously,’ he says. ‘(Davis) was in the final scene and when you go, ‘Cut,’ she’s so normal and nice and funny.’