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Actor who plays gay on TV’s Shameless comes out as straight

Actor who plays gay on TV’s Shameless comes out as straight

Cameron Monaghan is straight but he plays gay on TV.

The 19-year-old actor portrays Ian Gallagher on the Showtime series Shameless but until this week, he had not disclosed his own sexuality publicly.

During a Twitter chat with fans this week, he was asked the question.

Monaghan responded: ‘This is the only time I will answer this here: No, I’m not gay. Yes, I play a gay character. No, the question should not be relevant.’

Shameless follows the life of Frank Gallagher (played by William H. Macy), a single father of six children who is drunk most of the time. His kids learn to take care of themselves including the third-oldest, Ian, who is tough, street smart and quite sexually active.

Among those Ian has been involved with is a rich, older man named Ned who is portrayed by Harry Hamlin of LA Law fame.

Monaghan was still a minor when he began on the show so the show was limited in how graphic his sex scenes were.

When discussing how the character would become more sexually active with Monaghan turning 18, Shameless Executive Producer John Wells outed the actor as straight during a session with TV critics last year.

‘He’s been very brave about it which is great,’ Wells said of Monaghan, who was not present at the session. ‘He’s not gay but completely embraced the idea of this character and what the character means.’