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Adam Carolla doesn't think saying nice things about LGBT people is funny

'I have to say something that's horrible, so I can get a laugh'

Adam Carolla doesn't think saying nice things about LGBT people is funny

During an appearance on CBS’s The Talk on Tuesday (19 June), comic Adam Carolla insisted that he has to say something ‘horrible’ about Chaz Bono because being nice wouldn’t get him any laughs.

Carolla was confronted by co-host Sara Gilbert about seemingly anti-gay comments he has made in the past. Gilbert, who is a lesbian, acknowledged that he had also spoken out against homophobia.

‘Just to set the record straight, how do you feel about us gay people?’ she asked.

Replied Carolla: ‘Listen, I wish more people were gay. If you’ve driven over to the gay section of Los Angeles, it’s like a golf course.’

He then pointed out that saying nice things about LGBT people like Chaz Bono, the transgender son of Cher and the late Sonny Bono, wouldn’t be funny.

‘If someone says to me what you think of your mother-in-law and I go, ‘Oh, she’s a delight, I love her dearly,’ nobody laughs,’ Carolla said. ‘So if somebody says, ‘What do you think about Chaz Bono,’ I have to say something that’s horrible, so I can get a laugh. … I’m on stage! Nice doesn’t get laughs, especially on stage, that’s what I’m saying.’

Carolla doesn’t feel he should be taken seriously.

‘When did we start holding comedians up to the level of politicians and school teachers?’ Carolla said. ‘We’re comedians. We’re supposed to say these things.’

Carolla also offended women in an interview with the New York Post this week when he said that with few exceptions like Tina Fey and Sarah Silverman, women are not as funny as men.

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