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Adam Lambert, Latrice Royale, and more to attend Queer Prom

Adam Lambert, Latrice Royale, and more to attend Queer Prom

Adam Lambert has surprised fans with new video

Missed out on prom because you are LGBTI? Well, there is an event that will allow you to relive high school the way you wish you had.

The first ever Queer Prom is taking place on 13 May in Los Angeles, and is attracting a huge amount of stars.

Adam Lambert, Latrice Royale, Margaret Cho, and Ryan Murphy are all attending the Buzzfeed event.

The online site states: ‘This type of event is needed. LGBTI youth across America are either barred from attending their high school proms or forced to conform to its heteronormative standards – such as bringing a date of the opposite sex, wearing a suit if you’re a boy; dress if you’re a girl, etc.’

The event is similar to the annual anti-prom the New York Public Library throws each year as an alternative to the traditional prom.

This gay couple's prom pictures have broken the internet
This gay couple’s prom pictures have broken the internet

‘Anti-Prom provides an alternative, safe space regardless of your sexuality, gender identity, the way you dress, or any other reason,’ the NYPL states.

Queer Prom is open to people of all genders and sexual orientations.

Hand-selecting high schools making a difference in their communities for the Queer Prom Court, Buzzfeed has chosen a few lucky winners to be flown out to Los Angeles for the event.

Producer Eugene Lee Yang proposed the idea after remembering his own discomfort as a young, gay person attending prom.

‘It became abundantly clear when I first proposed that BuzzFeed host an inclusive, queer prom that this was not an opportunity to throw a great party, but a cultural imperative that the entirety of our personnel, from our CEO to our interns, strongly believe in,’ he writes for the Huffington Post.

‘Hopefully sooner than we might have imagined, a hesitant, queer high school senior will look at that white rosebud and its matching corsage and freely decide who they want to offer it to, which they’d like to wear, or if they even care at all to fuck with decorative flowers that are worn only once. So says the script we hope to write together.’