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Adam Lambert on how Will & Grace ‘lightened up’ coming out process for him

Adam Lambert on how Will & Grace ‘lightened up’ coming out process for him

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Adam Lambert would watch Will & Grace with his parents and had not yet told them that he was gay.

But he made note of their reactions to the NBC sitcom about two gay men and their two straight, female best friends.

‘Will & Grace lightened the whole topic up,’ Lambert says in a video posted Tuesday (23 May) for the It Gets Better Project.

‘I think being around the TV with my parents on the couch and us all laughing at the same jokes allowed me to kind of feel comfortable with them and made me realize, “This is probably going to be okay with them.”‘

He finally did come out to them right after he finished high school.

‘That was the year my mother outed me. Apparently I did not have the balls myself. My mom had to do it for me. (laughs).’

She simply asked the question on the car ride home after his brother had appeared in a speech and debate event that had made her emotional.

After answering that he is gay, Lambert says ‘it was as if a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders’ and their already good relationship instantly rose to a new level.

‘We just started laughing about things. I was telling stories, she was telling stories.’

A few hours later he told his dad who said, ‘Yeah, yeah. We know.’

Lambert’s video is part of the It Got Better video series that has also featured Jane Lynch, Ian McKellen and Wanda Sykes, among others.

He offers this advice: ‘For the one kid maybe who’s searching for some sort of answer or some sort of confidence, (who’s fighting) fear of, “What are they gonna say? What are they gonna think?” You gotta let that go. That’s the thing that’s in your way.’