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Adam Levine sounds off on gay marriage

Maroon 5 frontman: 'It's just not anyone's business except the people involved'

Adam Levine sounds off on gay marriage

Singer Adam Levine made headlines earlier this year when he said that if he were US president for a day, the first thing he’d do is make gay marriage legal.

The Maroon 5 frontman now says his pro-marriage equality views have little to do with the fact that he has a gay brother.

‘I would feel the same way regardless,’ he says in a new interview with ‘I happen to have a gay brother, but that doesn’t mean I’m more of an advocate for equal human rights. That shouldn’t change anything about the way that I feel.’

‘The relationships that I have with people – whether it’s my brother or a friend, gay or straight – that shouldn’t really ever come into play,’ he adds. ‘Someone’s sexual preference is their sexual preference. Let’s move on.’

Levine, whose fame has grown exponentially since his gig as a mentor on NBC’s The Voice, genuinely seems puzzled why the gay marriage debate continues to rage on in the US.

‘It’s just so silly and it doesn’t make any sense to me that you wouldn’t be able to marry whomever you want to marry. It’s not our business,’ he says. ‘I don’t know why we’re obsessed with making everything in this country our business, all the time. It seems we’re a little behind on that, and we just need to make it legal and stop caring so much. It doesn’t matter. And it shouldn’t matter.’

‘It’s just not anyone’s business except the people involved,’ he adds. ‘People have a million different justifications and reasons why they don’t want (gay marriage) allowed, but it doesn’t check out. Whenever I hear people’s reasoning behind it, I think to myself: First of all, marriage isn’t always successful anyway. Look at the divorce rate and all the things that go wrong with marriage. Whether it’s gay or straight, there are issues with it. Clearly people have a hard time staying together, and that’s just a sad truth about marriage in our society. People should be allowed to succeed and fail at marriage as they so desire.’

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