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Here’s how Adam Rippon ranks Christmas entertainment from best to worst

Here’s how Adam Rippon ranks Christmas entertainment from best to worst

Adam Rippon

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon recently appeared in a video for Cosmopolitan ranking various Christmas entertainment.

From music to movies, Rippon uses a small Christmas tree to hang the best of the best at the top… and lesser forms of entertainment at the bottom.

Starting with John Legend’s new Christmas album, Rippon hangs it near the top.

Then it’s time for Netflix’s so-bad-it’s-good Christmas romance, The Christmas Prince.

‘I’m gonna be real with you, I haven’t watched this,’ the skater admits. Then he says he won’t in the future unless his mind is changed, and hangs it low on the tree.

What about other classics?

Next up is Die Hard — you know, the Bruce Willis movie everyone loves debating about whether or not it’s actually a Christmas movie.

Rippon doesn’t seem totally convinced it’s a Christmas movie, and hangs it around the middle, but off to the side because ‘it’s scary’.

Other pieces of entertainment he ranks include How the Gring Stole Christmas, Home Alone, The Nutcracker, and more.

About Justin Bieber’s Christmas collaboration with Boyz II Men, Rippon’s admitted first reaction was ‘scared, confused, tired’.

To find out which ornament he hangs at the very top, check out the video! Although honestly, it’s not the most surprising decision.

Rippon recently announced his retirement from professional skater.

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