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Drama group has best response to Catholics who are angry they are producing gay Bible plays

It's Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve, and they're fabulous

Drama group has best response to Catholics who are angry they are producing gay Bible plays
Facebook / Out There Theater Company
Christians are not happy that Adam and Steve are taking center stage

An Atlanta theater company has had the best response after they were slammed for producing a play about gay Bible stories.

What if Adam and Steve really did exist? And how would Mary’s immaculate conception be possible, other than if she was a lesbian?

Those questions are the subject of Atlanta-based Out Front Theater Company’s production of gay play The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told.

It is a comedic play by gay playwright Paul Rudnick about stories from the Old Testament, told by two couples: Jane and Mabel and, who else, Adam and Steve.

And some people are really not happy about it.

Since the end of March, the company has been flooded with calls, emails and Facebook messages blasting their decision.

At the time, they were already weeks into the rehearsal process Paul Conroy, the theater’s artistic director, told the New York Times.

‘I guess that’s just when someone found us and my best guess was that it was a Monday,’ he said.

‘Which means that people were at church on Sunday the day before, and that’s when it picked up steam.’

The main driver is reportedly a conservative Catholic group called America Needs Fatima.

They set up a petition on their website calling the play ‘blasphemous’ and ‘a vile insult to the Mother of God’.

At the time of publication, it has been signed just over 43,000 times.

They want Out Front to cancel the play, but Conroy said there were no plans to cancel it.

If anything, the controversy made a dream come true for cast and crew, because playwright Paul Rudnick reached out to them.

In a letter, he told them he was ‘delighted’ they decided to produce The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, and to not let controversy stop them.

‘The play has always attracted a certain amount of controversy, mostly from people who haven’t read or seen the play, like the Fatima organization,’ Rudnick said.

‘Blessedly, all sorts of people, gay and straight, and everyone from atheists to the most devout, most often end up truly enjoying themselves once they’re in the audience.

‘From everything I’ve heard, you’re doing wonderful work. Thank you so much and please give my best to everyone involved.

‘You sound pretty fabulous!’

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