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Admiral Duncan bomber planned to kill Geri Halliwell because she had gay friends

Admiral Duncan bomber planned to kill Geri Halliwell because she had gay friends

  • Murderer David Copeland targeted the Spice Girl because of her friendship with George Micheal and others.
Geri Halliwell.

Geri Halliwell says the Admiral Duncan nail bomber planned to shoot her on stage because she had gay friends.

The assassination threat emerged before homophobic terrorist David Copeland dentonated his nail bomb in Soho, London. His attack killed three people and injured many more.

Halliwell – who now uses her married name, Geri Horner – has told The Sun that police warned her about the plot. She says they urged her not to appear on stage at The Brits where she was due to give her first solo performance. But the singer refused to pull out.

The singer says: ‘It was before my first ever performance as a solo artist that he issued me with a death threat.

‘He threatened to shoot me, and hated the fact I hung out with the gays, and was friends with George Michael.

‘Scotland Yard were involved, and the police had to come round to my house, to warn me officially.

‘They said they had to give me the freedom to choose whether I performed or not, but that they advised me to pull out of the ceremony.

‘But I said “I’m sorry, I’m not going to be bullied by this.’

Nail bomb attacks

In the end, Geri’s performance of hit song Bag It Up went ahead at London’s Earls Court Exhibition Centre. But she had extra police and security on hand because of the death threat.

The former Spice Girl, now 48, added that she ‘will always stand with her friends’.

And she said: ‘It’s about spirit, not sexuality – I feel so protective of any person who has had prejudice against them.’

Copeland launched three bomb attacks across the UK capital across a short reign of terror in April 1999.

He detonated nail bombs in Brixton Market, which has a large black population and Brick Lane, with a big Bangladeshi community. 

His third and final bomb, packed with 1,500 nails, went off at 6.37pm on Friday 30 April at the gay Admiral Duncan pub on Old Compton Street in Soho. It killed three people including a pregnant woman.

In addition to these murders, Copeland injured a total of 140 people, including 79 in the Soho attack.

Police caught him shortly after the Admiral Duncan blast. And in 2000, a court convicted him of murder and gave him six concurrent life sentences. He will remain in prison until at least 2049, by which time he will be 73.