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Adorable couple gets engaged in front of Hayley Kiyoko, her reaction is priceless

Adorable couple gets engaged in front of Hayley Kiyoko, her reaction is priceless

A couple got engaged in front of Hayley Kiyok

A queer couple in Manchester has become engaged right in front of pop star Hayley Kiyoko.

YouTuber Jesy Rae-Smith proposed to her girlfriend Frankie Phillips earlier this year. But Phillips decided that Smith needed to have her own proposal ‘moment’ and decided to pop the question in front of Kiyoko.

At a meet and greet after Kiyoko’s Manchester show on Wednesday (24 October), rather than posing for a photo, Frankie turned to Jess and got down on one knee.

Smith posted the proposal video on Twitter and shows Kioko stopping her staff from interrupting the proposal.

‘Hang on, we’re having a moment here,’ she’s heard saying in the video.

People cheered when they realized what was happening. Kiyoko said she felt like ‘the awkward third wheel’ while the girls kissed.

It was the best night of my life

Kiyoko is an American singer and performer who has gained a huge LGBTI following. The MTV Video Music Award winner identifies as lesbian and has been a vocal advocate for LGBTI issues.

So, to get engaged in front of her was a really big deal for Smith.

‘When it happened I was in complete shock,’ Smith told Gay Star News.

‘I couldn’t stop shaking I was honestly so happy I couldn’t believe it was happening. It meant so much that it was in front of Hayley, she is such a huge inspiration and has been for so many years for me.

‘She’s such a huge voice for lesbian community and it was surreal for her to witness it.

‘I’ve waited almost 10 years for her to come to Manchester, I have tweets from back in 2010 begging her to notice me so last night was a dream come true.’

The women have a bit of saving to do before their big day, but are planning a lavish engagement party.

‘The wedding won’t be for another few years yet, lots of saving to be done but we are having an engagement party next month with drag performances and stuff so it’s gonna be a big fun gay event,’ Smith said.

Watch Frankie and Jesy’s first proposal

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