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Here are the most adorable same-sex proposals of 2016

Here are the most adorable same-sex proposals of 2016

This cute gamer couple couldn't be happier

Looking back at 2016, most people probably wouldn’t describe it as the best year they ever had.

But for some people, the last year brought some of the happiest memories, because they got engaged to their significant other and are now preparing for the next stop.

Whether they dropped on one knee to pop the question, hijacked a spin class or enlisted the help of some furry friends, cute proposals always make us give a little ‘aaaww’ while we go all fuzzy inside.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most adorable ways couples asked each other to get hitched in 2016.

Get some tissues ready – there will be tears.

Lauren and Lisa

Swedish gal Lisa chose one of her Californian girlfriend Lauren’s favorite places in Sweden: Skansen Zoo.

More precisely, the Sloth enclosure, which is why their proposal features a host of sleepy, adorable extras to share their blissful moment of joy with.

Jared and Adam 

People who work out together stay together, or so one version of the famous saying goes.

But it really came true when spin instructor Jared saw his JoyRide class hijacked by his partner Adam.

With all attendees in on his plans and more than happy to help, Adam’s (slightly sweaty) proposal truly put the joy into JoyRide.

Marjorie and Isabella 

There was a whole host of amazing moments at the Rio Olympics, but this adorable lesbian proposal is easily the most beautiful one.

Rugby 7s player Isabella was already celebrating winning gold when her partner, stadium manager Marjorie, grabbed a mic, walked out onto the pitch and asked the question of all questions.

Cue the waterworks.

Kevin and Dan 

As an explorer for National Geographic, Kevin McLean spends a lot of time climbing up and down trees and setting up traps to study little-known species.

When he took Dan for his very first climb, however, his cameras caught something else: a proposal taking love to new heights – and Dan, who had been left on the ground for a little, popping the question first.

Mark and Scott 

Things you expect at a wedding: happy people, plenty of alcohol, laughter and dancing, and, possibly, catching the bride’s bouquet.

Things you don’t expect at a wedding: being handed the bouquet, before your boyfriend hogs the limelight to drop onto one knee and propose. In front of everyone, with the bride and groom not just approving, but being involved in the entire ploy.

But alas, that’s how it happened for Mark and Scott, and we couldn’t help but shed a happy tear.

Mark and Yuval 

Initially, Yuval thought he’d just be treated to brunch with his boyfriend Mark and family, but then, the coincidences started piling up.

At first, it’s their song playing, then there’s dancing and Bruno Mars’ Marry You playing – but Yuval only realizes it’s all for him when Mark joins in.

And going by his absolutely priceless look, it still takes some time until everything sinks in… at which point we were already crying.

Ben and James 


Ben and James are a gamer couple who also love the Legend of Zelda games. A lot.

Which is why, for his 30th birthday, James’ sweetest surprise was Zelda-themed: a small box full of cute drawings, and a boyfriend dropping to his knees and asking to spend all future adventures together.