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15+ adorable photos of gay parent families getting ready for the holidays

15+ adorable photos of gay parent families getting ready for the holidays

Enjoying the Festival of Lights Parade in Palm Springs, California

All over the world, LGBTI parents and their kids are preparing for the holidays. Enjoy a few of their family photos and insights into what makes the season so special for them.

A ‘magical’ time of year

Gay dads and sons in matching pyjamas
(Photo: @thevonbks | Instagram)

Pictured above are Texan dads Scott and Thomas with their two boys. ‘This time of year is magical because you get to live the magic of Christmas through the eyes of your children,’ they tell Gay Star News.

Two moms and their daughter visit Santa
Happy Christmas from Down Under! (Photo: Belmont Santa Studio | @lileys2mums_shorty | Instagram)

Sarah, Becky and daughter Liley in Brisbane, Australia.

Two moms and their daughter pose for a family photo at Christmas
Adorable! (Photo: @penelopitstop | Instagram)

Moms Louise and Danielle with daughter Sophia. The family live in Vancouver, Canada.

‘What we are most looking forward to [about the holidays] is simply being together. I’m a nurse and usually work at Christmas but this year I’ll be home for Christmas,’ says Louise.

Michael and son Reid decorate their tree in Melbourne
Michael and son Reid decorate their tree in Melbourne (Photo: @the_real_dads_of_melbourne | Instagram)

Dads Jarrad & Michael are raising their son, Reid, in Melbourne, Australia. The men got engaged earlier this year.

Two women and their daughter beside their Christmas tree
(Photo: @toobeautifulsouls | Instagram)

Dev and Tink Miller with their daughter.

Two moms and their baby meet Santa
Meeting Santa (Photo: @logan.matteo | Instagram)

Wilma, Salwa and baby Logan from Westchester, New York.

(Photo: @twodads.nowaiting | Instagram)
(Photo: @twodads.nowaiting | Instagram)

Alex and Alex (above) and their son from Virginia, US.

Two gay dads with their baby daughter visit Santa
(Photo: 2dadsdownunder | Instagram)

Dads Mike and Glenn with baby daughter Annabelle, who was born in May. The family live in Melbourne, Australia.

Two women and their family visiting Santa
(Photo: @SuddenlySamantha | Instagram)

Moms Laura and Samantha with their four boys. They live in Phoenix, Arizona.

‘Establishing family traditions’

Gay parent family with Father Christmas
(Photo: @yovyg1 | Instagram)

Pictured above are Yovy, Mike and their two boys in Atlanta, Georgia.

‘As a young family we are working towards establishing family traditions that will live on with our children and grandchildren,’ says Yovy.  ‘Traditions have the unique power of transporting people back to a precious place and time.’

Two moms and their child visit Santa in Brisbane
(Photo: @theprojectory | Instagram)

Philadelphia moms Maura  and Nikki with four-month old daughter Meta, Santa and a horse!

‘A big part of what makes the holiday season special to me is the chance to create and reclaim traditions with my family,’ Maura tells Gay Star News.

‘I was a bit of a jaded Scrooge before I met Nikki, and she’s helped me find that magic again in the years we’ve been together. I’m excited to share that with our daughter.’

Two gay dads with their boys visit Santa
Visiting Santa! (Photo: @Dustin_Patrick_Smith | Instagram)

Dads Dustin (@Dustin_Patrick_Smith) and Burton (@bbbuffaloe) with their twins.

Michele and Graziella and their kids enjoying matching pyjamas
Michele and Graziella and their kids enjoying matching pyjamas and fairy lights (Photo: @michele_and_graziella | Instagram)

British-Maltese couple Michele and Graziella (above) with their four kids.

Happy Holidays from New Orleans! The Nolapapa family
Happy Holidays from New Orleans! (Photo: @nolapapa | Instagram)

Erik and Douglas with kids Alli Mae and Ella. The family lives in New Orleans and Erik blogs about his life at

‘These days, one of my primary goals in life is to create an environment for my family that is happy, healthy, and nurturing. I want them to get excited about Christmas, both the true meaning and the atmosphere that it brings,’ he tells GSN.

Two gay dads and their child enjoy the lights
Stephen and Mauricio, of Jacksonville, Florida, with baby Isabella (Photo: @mydosdads | Instagram)

Greetings from Jacksonville, Florida!

‘Our first forever baby’

Merry Christmas - bennntastic
Merry Christmas from Rudy and Ben Duperroir and baby Liam (Photo by @daisypreitophoot and @bennntastic | Instagram)

‘Rudy and I fostered several babies over the last few years,’ Ben tells Gay Star News. ‘Liam is the eleventh child we have welcomed into our hearts and family, but our first forever baby.

‘We are looking forward to building memories together and passing down some of our favorite traditions from our childhood, and starting new traditions for our new family. Since it is Liam’s first Christmas all of our family is coming into town to celebrate with us.’

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