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Adorable royal fairytale teaches kids all love is equal

Adorable royal fairytale teaches kids all love is equal

Once upon a time there weren’t very many same-sex marriages in fairytales.

But the latest video from UK-based performer Olly Pike and his sidekick, Pop, is changing all that, with the help of a cartoon prince and his family.

‘Prince Henry’, an eight-minute animation for young children, tells the tale of a king and queen who think it’s time for their son, Henry, to settle down and get married.

While his parents hope he will marry another prince or princess, Henry has other ideas, and has already fallen in love with someone unexpected – spoiler alert – his servant Tom.

‘I’m sorry father, I love you very much, but I must be allowed to marry the person of my choice,’ Henry explains. ‘If I cannot, then I do not want to be a prince any longer.’

The video’s message is clear: ‘Every human being, no matter how rich, or poor, or different, or similar, we are all worth the exact same, we are all priceless.’

‘As a child I would have been absolutely thrilled to discover a story like this, which heavily features a same-sex romance,’ video creator Olly explained, speaking to InclusiveNetworks.

‘Making this video I simply wanted to show the love between two people in a very simple way.’

Watch the video in full below: