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Adult LGBTI people reveal all the ways they managed to skip PE or gym class

Adult LGBTI people reveal all the ways they managed to skip PE or gym class

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Physical Education (PE)/gym class was one of the more traumatic parts of school. It’s basically Lord of the Flies.

The meanest members of school excel and teachers who, for the most part, tried to recapture their lost youth through the lives of bullies, ignoring war-zone or bullying themselves.

Add in weapons in the form of balls, bats and studded shoes and you’ve got a recipe for the ‘pick on the queer kid’ class. Because, of course, in this rabid environment, LGBTI people are at the bottom of the barrel.

This was brought to the internet’s attention after Mary Hitchman’s viral tweet. Where she seemed to hit a key with: ‘Things can be tough sometimes but at least we don’t have to do PE anymore’.

This led to thousands of people commenting on how we all tried to avoid PE or gym class. These are the best ones…

Forging notes to avoid gym class/PE: an art form

Though sometimes the medical notes can go too far…

When you know you’ve got to do football next lesson

Then some people got creative… musically…

Including GSN’s News Editor…

The teachers sometimes understood the gays fight for survival

Then other times there’s just no escape from PE

While teenagers can be the worst, the adults are the ones that make it so much worse

Whether they are making things worse.

Also, turning a blind eye to bullying.

Or outright LGBTI-phobia.

But then sometimes an unstoppable force needs to meet an immovable object…

Oh PE. May we never get forced to do something we hate in the freezing cold with the worst people we’ve ever met, ever again.

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