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Advisor denies ‘brokeback’ relationship with Taiwan president

Advisor denies ‘brokeback’ relationship with Taiwan president

Close political advisor to Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou has denied speculation that he and the president have a ‘brokeback’ relationship.

When King Pu-tsung, as the president’s closest aide, was asked at a press conference yesterday if he was considering legal action over media speculation that he and President Ma were romantically involved, he said:

‘My wife is such a beautiful woman that not even a high school graduate would believe [that I’m gay]. I respect each individual’s sexual orientation, but I am not “brokeback”.’

King was referring to Brokeback Mountain, the 2005 film that tells a tragic love story between two cowboys, directed by Taiwanese director Ang Lee.

Preident Ma is married to Chow Mei-ching (Christine Chow) and has two daughters born in the 1980s. Chow once, when asked about her husband’s shortcomings during a TV interview during his 2008 presidential campaign, said: ‘Whatever weak points husbands have, he has them all’.