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What are the best and worst countries to be gay in Africa?

What are the best and worst countries to be gay in Africa?

Ugandans celebrate Pride in Kampala

Every day it feels like we hear of homophobia and transphobia in Africa, with very few places on the continent that feel like havens for LGBTI people.

A new survey of over 50,000 people across 33 countries have revealed four out of five Africans would somewhat or seriously dislike having a gay neighbor.

Only in four African countries, a majority of citizens said they would like or would not mind living next to an LGBTI person, according to a new report from Afrobarometer.

Cape Verde was the best at 74%, followed by South Africa at 67%, Mozambique at 56% and Namibia at 55%. In Namibia, it is still a crime to be gay.


Intolerance was widespread across the rest of the continent, with Senagal, Guinea, Uganda, Burkina Faso and Niger being close to 100% against the idea. The question was not asked in Egypt, Algeria and Sudan as it was deemed too ‘sensitive’.

But attitudes are changing slowly and surely. The study found younger and more educated Africans were more tolerant of gay people compared to older and less educated Africans.


The report suggests it ‘is possible Africa will become progressively less homophobic over time’.