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After meeting at gender affirmation clinic, trans couple to wed

After meeting at gender affirmation clinic, trans couple to wed

Tista Das (left) and Dipan Chakraborty (right) announced their engagement on trans day of visibility (Photo: Facebook)

A trans couple who met at a gender affirmation surgery clinic will wed in India this summer.

Tista Das and Dipan Chakraborty plan to hold a social ceremony in August in the eastern city of Kolkata.

Chakraborty met Das when he started the gender affirmation process at a clinic in the city. Das was working as a consultant and guide at the center.

India’s Supreme Court in 2014 recognized trans identities as a third gender.

But, the community remains marginalized. Families and employers often shun trans individuals.

Love story

Chakraborty told the Times of India there was an immediate connection between the two of them that quickly developed into a blossoming romance.

Chakraborty called Tista an ‘amazing human being’.

While Das said she liked Chakraborty the day he met him. ‘His caring nature made me fall in love with him’ she said.

Dipan Chakraborty (left) and Tista Das (right) will marry in India in August (Photo: Facebook)
Dipan Chakraborty (left) and Tista Das (right) will also marry in India in August. (Photo: Facebook)

Chakraborty finished the gender affirmation process in February this year.

‘For me, the post-surgery period was smooth, thanks to Tista, who took good care of me’ he told the Newspaper.

On National Transgender Day of Visibility in April, the pair announced that they would hold a wedding in August.

The pair are now waiting for authorities to correct Chakraborty’s identification documents to match his gender.

Transgender rights

The transgender community has witnessed growing visibility.

In the recent general elections, transgender voters cast their ballots as a third gender for the first time

A handful of trans and intersex candidates also ran for office.

But, the community protested when India’s newly-elected government announced plans to re-introduce a controversial transgender rights bill.

They claim the bill infringes their rights rather than protecting them.

Chakraborty’s family cannot accept his true identity, according to the Times of India.

‘My family never acknowledged or felt that I was a man inside’ he also said.

Das, meanwhile, said it was a ‘tough job’ to convince her family to support her gender affirmation.

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