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After TERF protest last year, pro-trans groups march first at Pride in London

After TERF protest last year, pro-trans groups march first at Pride in London

L with the T leading Pride in London | Photo: CJD/Pride In London

Pro-trans groups were the first to march at Pride in London today (6 July).

A group of eight women marred last year’s celebrations with a transphobic protest. They claimed that ‘trans activism erases lesbians’ and sent a letter to Stonewall, asking to remove the ‘L’ from ‘LGBT’.

But, this year, pro-trans group of L with the T (a group of queer, trans and lesbians) marched proudly in front to show everyone is equal at Pride.

Others immediately followed, like G with the T (pro-trans gay men), Bi with the T, and Pride with the T.

‘We have to show solidarity with the trans community’ 

The #LwiththeT walking group led Brighton Pride
The #LwiththeT walking group also led Brighton Pride last year. | Photo: Kaleido Shoots

A Pride in London spokesperson told Gay Star News: ‘We have to show solidarity with the trans community.’

Trans people have received widespread criticism from the mainstream media in recent years.

Jules Guaitamacchi, a #LwiththeT Pride in London member, told Gay Star News they wanted it take Pride back to its origins.

They said: ‘We chanted “please know your history, black trans women fought for me”, “keep the L with the T you can’t break out community”, “don’t be scared to take a stance, no more white ignorance.’

They also said: ‘The importance of this year was take us back to origins of Pride, recognize minority groups and stand up in the face of discrimination in any form! We are a queer, trans, lesbian all inclusive campaign. Understanding more about intersectionality is the answer. It’s up to us to educate ourselves and learn.’

Last year’s protest

Many at Pride in London 2019 have also shown support to the trans community after last year’s protest.

For example, Little Mix members Jade and Leigh-Anne are marching with Mermaids UK, a trans children’s charity.

Last year, eight women stormed the parade route without accreditation. Five of them laid down on the road in front of the parade and refused to move.

Pride in London organizers were forced to allow them to march in the parade, citing safety and the hot weather. Organizers also condemned the protestors and their message.