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Against Me! punk singer Tom Gabel comes out as transgender

Tom Gabel becomes first punk musician to publically say they have gender dysphoria

Against Me! punk singer Tom Gabel comes out as transgender

Against Me! punk singer Tom Gabel has come out as transgender, and will soon begin the process of transitioning to become a woman.

The ‘Thrash Unreal’ singer told Rolling Stone magazine she will take on the name Laura Jane Grace after suffering from gender dysphoria for years.

Gabel said she will remain married to her wife Heather, and remain a parent to their two-year-old daughter.

She said: ‘For me, the most terrifying thing about this was how she would accept the news, but she’s been super-amazing and understanding.’

Gabel will soon begin taking hormones, undergoing electrolysis, and will consider gender reassignment surgery.

While the 31-year-old is the first rock musician to come out as transgender, other artists have had gender reassignment surgery and gone on to success.

In 1968, Wendy Carlos hit platinum sales status and won three Grammy Awards with Switched-On Bach. More recently, Israeli singer Dana International won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995.

Starting on 25 May, the group will go on a US tour with The Cult.

The June issue of Rolling Stone, which features the full interview with Tom Gabel, comes out in the US on Friday (11 May).

Watch Against Me! perform single Thrash Unreal here: 

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