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Learn the VIP secrets of airport lounge access with Priority Pass

Learn the VIP secrets of airport lounge access with Priority Pass

The kitchen area at the chic My Lounge at London's Gatwick Airport

Sponsored: Last month, we traveled from Milan to Hong Kong to give you a peak inside two of the most relaxing lounges accessible via Priority Pass – the world’s largest independent airport lounge access program

This month, we’re staying firmly put in Europe, as we review My Lounge at London Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal, plus the Atlantic Lounge at Munich Airport.

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My Lounge, London Gatwick Airport

We visited My Lounge around brunchtime one weekday morning, greeted by the welcoming staff. They led us through the humming, but chilled lounge to a recently-vacated table which they immediately cleaned for us.

We had quick and easy access to the food and beverages on offer, which were replenished little and often to keep things fresh and refilled.

The decor in My Lounge is exactly what we expected from a sophisticated major airport lounge; brushed steel, oak table tops and contemporary art characterize make a great impression.

We immersed ourselves in the stylistic grace on offer, with a glass of prosecco in hand.

Tip: Other lounges at Gatwick include Aspire Lounge and No.1 Gatwick North Terminal and South Terminal.


Atlantic Lounge, Munich Airport

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the labyrinth that is Munich Aiport, you’ll find the Atlantic Lounge.

It’s designed for non-domestic travelers, bringing light relief to the pains of a needlessly complicated airport.

(As you can tell, I’m not a fan of Munich Franz-Josef Strauss. But I am a fan of its lounges.)

Open daily from 6am-11pm, the Atlantic Lounge welcomes weary travelers from around the globe. Sink into its leather sofas and relax amidst a pin-drop quiet atmosphere. Add a glass of complimentary bubbly and you’re away until your flight.

Along with the complimentary beverages – including spirits and soft drinks – the self-serve buffet table offers continental snacks. Think fresh pastries, muffins, meats and cheeses to keep you nicely full before onward travel. Nothing too heavy to give you travel belly.

Tip: This lounge provides showering facilities. Be sure to use these as early into your visit as possible, as they are a popular feature in use constantly.

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Reviews by Dan Beeson