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Alabama passes most restrictive abortion laws in the United States

Alabama passes most restrictive abortion laws in the United States

lawmakers in the alabama senate

Alabama has just passed a controversial abortion bill making it the US state with the most restrictive abortion laws.

The Republican-led Senate voted 25-6 to pass HB 314, which would jail doctors for 99 years for performing an abortion.

HB314 would not allow abortion even in the case or rape or incest. The only instances a woman could have an abortion would be ‘to avoid a serious health risk to the unborn child’s mother’ and if the ‘unborn child has a lethal anomaly’.

Democrats tried to pass an amendment to the bill which would have allowed abortion in the case of incest or rape. But legislators voted down that amendment 11-6.

Republican Terri Collins sponsored the bill, saying the aim of the bill was to spark a new debate on abortion. By passing HB314 Alabama lawmakers have directly challenged the historic Roe v. Wade case. In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled a woman’s right to privacy gave her the liberty to have an abortion.

Lawmakers in Alabama and Georgia – which also recently passed a controversial abortion bill – hope to move litigation through the court system, to eventually reach the Supreme Court and challenge Roe v. Wade.

What happens now?

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey now has two weeks to sign the bill into law which would come into effect six months after she signs it. Ivey has not expressed her opinion on the bill, but has expressed anti-abortion views in the passed. It is expected she will sign it.

Legal advocacy group, he ACLU (America Civil Liberties Union) vowed to challenge the law.

‘Abortion is NOT a crime — it’s a constitutional right. We will sue to stop this law from ever taking effect,’ the group right on Twitter.

Abortion is a crucial health concern also for LGBTI women who have higher rates of younger pregnancies and are also being denied healthcare under the US President Donald Trump administration.

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