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Alaska on Drag World UK and RPDR’s Branjie: ‘Maybe getting laid’s helpful?!’

Alaska on Drag World UK and RPDR’s Branjie: ‘Maybe getting laid’s helpful?!’

'Alaska is such an easy costume, you can pretty much go to Poundland!' | Photo: Drag World UK

Hiiiiiieeee Alaska. What can we expect from Drag World UK this year?

I’m excited to go because the line-up of queens is always amazing but especially amazing this year. I can’t wait to see Shea Coulee there, Blair St. Clair there and Tatianna. All the divas! I’m so excited.

What advice would you give to fans coming to Drag World for the first time?

I would say pace yourself because it is a lot. It’s a lot of standing in lines. Drink lots of water and please wear sensible shoes – you will thank me later! But also have fun and dress up if you want. It’s a place where you can express yourself and make friends. We all love drag, so it’s a good place to make friends.

Do you love it when fans dress up as Alaska?

Nothing brings me more joy than that. And I’m so glad that Alaska is such an easy costume, you can pretty much go to Poundland and pick up an Alaska costume. I was trying to easy an English reference there!

Do you know which panels you’ll be on?

I don’t know yet but I love panels and I love hanging out with the girls. That’s really my favourite part – that I get to hang out with my sisters and spend an entire weekend in London which is such an amazing city.


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Your YouTube show – Bro’Laska – with your brother Cory is hilarious. Might you do a live Bro’Laska for Drag World?

Anus-thing is possible so you never know! This season has been really busy and I’m grateful for that, it’s a blessing, so I haven’t seen Cory very much lately. But I would love to see him again and I would love to do more Bro’Laska with him. Cory if you’re listening – give me a text!”

As one of the most talented actors from the Drag Race universe – what would your dream role be?

I love playing characters that are very different from myself. I love getting scary, getting weird and getting cerebral. If there’s any of those Nicole Kidman parts out there, I am so down to play those. I’ll wear a fake nose like The Hours, I’ll do it!

Would you ever consider doing a ‘Hurricane Bianca’-style film – starring Alaska?

I would. I would totally do that. I’ve written some stuff and I’ve had some ideas… but we’re trying to go one step at a time. Let’s do the book and the TV series first and then we’ll do the movie. The book is a secret!

And Lady Gaga called you out on stage recently?

She did, God bless! We were so stunned. Whenever we go and see Lady Gaga we of course dress up, we study what the show look is, and we make our own version of it. So we were dressed in these crazy neon costumes, walking through Vegas on a Tuesday night, just turning it, and we get into this theatre and we’re the only ones dressed up in crazy costumes! Everyone’s just in normal clothes, and there are couples having a nice night in Vegas.

So we’re sat right in the center right in the front, so she could definitely see us, and the show was amazing. And she got to the song ‘You and I,’ and there’s that line that goes ‘Nebraska Nebraska I love ya…’ but she sang it: ‘Alaska Alaska I love ya…’ And I was like… oh my God, did that really just happen? Lady Gaga has always provided magic moments in my life, and not just in my life but in so many people’s lives, so I find that really inspiring. And on my best days I’m aspiring to make magic moments happen for somebody. She’s fucking amazing.


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As a fan, what would you like to see from her new album?

I’m down if she gets weird, like ARTPOP, I’m so down for that. Whatever she has in store for us it’s going to be really cool.

With Drag Race finally having a romance – in Branjie – are you surprised they passed up the opportunity years ago to cast you and Sharon Needles on the same season when you were together?

Well, I’m glad they did! I think it would’ve been ultimately unfair to us and unfair to the show. I think they made completely the right decision. It would have done irreparable damage to our relationship, to us emotionally, and that was why they were like, nah… we’re not going to do all that. You can have your moment next time.

That’s good that the show put you before the drama…

Of course they want the show to be great and to be compelling, but it’s not malicious and they do really care about these people.

And do you think the romance will hinder Vanjie and Brooke Lynn on this season?

Well, I don’t know, Vanjie was very quick to be like ‘bye boo’ when Brooke Lynn was failing in the Snatch Game! I would not really want that there because you’re trying to make that happen but also focus on yourself in the competition. I’d rather be in there and be in it. But maybe getting laid is helpful?!


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After a lacklustre Snatch Game on season 11, what advice would you have given the queens, as a former Snatch Game winner?

My advice would be to choose characters that are actually celebrities and icons. It’s less successful to choose someone who’s a meme or went viral for five seconds. There’s just not a lot to draw on ad RuPaul doesn’t give a fuck about those characters. You’re there to make RuPaul laugh and also do something that’s thought provoking to him. It’s better to choose stars. For how she performed, it was rough for Brook Lynn Hytes, but the choice was bold, and could’ve been really great.

And was Brooke and Yvie’s lip sync the greatest of all time?

I mean, every season we have the new lip sync that’s ‘The Best Ever’! We had it when Katya and Kennedy jumped off the stage, how crazy was that? We had it with Tatianna and Alyssa – Shut up and Drive… Every year we have that amazing lip sync… and, yeah, it was amazing!

And finally, who are your picks for All Stars 5?

Here we go again! Mamma Mia – here we go again! I would love to see Ongina, I would love to see Laganja, I think Gia Gunn deserves another chance so she can win it. I think Ra’Jah O’Hara from this last season would really kill it. There are tonnes of queens out there that I’d love to see on All Stars. Derrick Barry!

Alaska will be at Drag World UK in London on 17-18 August.

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