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Canadian Pride crosswalk vandalized, repainted within hours

Canadian Pride crosswalk vandalized, repainted within hours

The rainbow crosswalk at Medicine Hat College.

Yet another rainbow crosswalk has been vandalized in what is being investigated as a hate crime.

Vandals defaced a Pride crosswalk painted to celebrate the LGBTI community at Medicine Hat College in Alberta, Canada.

According to the police, two figures dressed in black vandalized the artwork on the night between Saturday 29 September and Sunday 30 September.

Vandals dumped white paint on the crosswalk

The two poured white paint on the colorful rainbow crosswalk. The institution unveiled the installation just last week at the entrance to the university.

‘There are numerous surveillance cameras that are available and police are looking through all the footage,’ said Irlanda Price, associate vice-president of student development.

Police said the two vandals have caused damage for $200.

‘This is something we unveiled last week and of course, people are entitled to different types of opinions, but this is something Medicine Hat College believes was important to us as an inclusive post-secondary institution,’ she also said.

‘Extreme disappointment’

The rainbow crosswalk was a symbol of acceptance for students and the whole staff.

Price described her reaction to the vandalism as one of ‘extreme disappointment.’

‘We work really hard to make the campus amenable to everyone so everyone can see themselves there, so the fact someone, or people, did this, it was disappointing for sure.’

Restoring the crosswalk

Following the incident, the college had the crosswalk repainted.

Price said it was ‘very important’ to remove the damage as quickly as possible.

‘I think it was a strong message to our student population and in support of our Student Association, whose initiative this was from the beginning, that we are committed to this and that it is something we are going to continue to work toward,’ she said.

However, the vile act won’t stop the college to show support to the LGBTI community.

‘Medicine Hat College needs to continue to be a really inclusive institution,’ she furthermore continued.

The college is¬†following in other institutions’ footsteps. Mount Royal University in Calgary, in fact, unveiled a rainbow crosswalk in late August.

‘We’re going to continue to keep going and stick to the fact that we will continue to restore the crosswalk and stand by what it represents and continue to celebrate achievements,’ Price said.

‘Medicine Hat is very welcoming as a city.’

Mischief damage

Medicine Hat Police Service posted a note on their Facebook page. They asked for the public’s assistance in helping them identify the two people caught on camera.

Posted by Medicine Hat Police Service on Saturday, 29 September 2018

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