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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez publicly sends support to Drag Race queen Nina West

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez publicly sends support to Drag Race queen Nina West

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | Photo: Wiki

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has Tweeted out support for Drag Race queen Nina West.

West, a Season 11 queen, was sent home on last week’s episode of the show, making her come in at 6th place.

‘In our house, we name a Queen of Hearts,’ Ocasio-Cortez wrote on 11 May. ‘Nina West that is YOU!’

‘Thank you for being a relentless example of kindness, consciousness, compassion, and courage.’

‘Thank you for using your gifts to focus on voices and issues that deserve all the shine and elevation in the world.’

Nina’s essay

Under the Tweet, Ocasio-Cortez shared an article West wrote for OUT Magazine. In the article, West describes how she raised over $2.5 million [€2,225,087.50] for her community in Ohio.

West discusses her upbringing in a conservative household that was very much involved in Republican politics. This environment deeply impacted West.

‘In 1992 I went to the Republican National Convention in Houston. I was in middle school at the time and was in the Right to Life club. I was just really hoping to just make my parents proud but at this point I started to understand who I was, that I was different,’ West recalls. ‘A lot of it was a really great coping mechanism and cover for that. Like “Oh, he’s in Right to Life, he’s a Young Republican. He couldn’t be gay.” We all know that was a lie but that’s what I believed.’

‘There’s been a large impact of being raised in that environment on who I am as a person. My parents wanted me to be a lawyer and then to eventually become a politician. And I think that’s kind of what I’ve grown into in a different sense. As a drag queen, I feel that I am a politician and I’m a spokesperson for my community, which happens to be underserved and underrepresented and in dire need of rights and access.’

Raising money for Ohio

‘In Columbus, myself and my drag mother Virginia West, put together these big mainstage production shows that require about six weeks of rehearsals and all these production numbers and solo cabaret-style numbers. They are these huge events that have these 15-show runs in Columbus. Eighteen years ago, when we would do an encore for the show I started asking people to give anything they could. At the time I was raising money for the Columbus AIDS Task Force. I have known many people affected with HIV and AIDS so that was something that stuck with me.’

‘It just progressed from there. The shows just kept getting bigger and the charity asks just kept getting larger. To date I’ve raised over $2.5 million for charity and I have my own charitable foundation at the Columbus Foundation. It’s called the Nina West Foundation and it’s a 501(c)3 and I primarily raise money for LGBTQ causes, particularly those that are affecting our youth.’

Anything else?

Ocasio-Cortez, the freshman Representative for New York’s 14th district, has previously shown herself as an avid fan or RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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