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All 26 men in Egypt ‘gay’ bathhouse trial acquitted

All 26 men in Egypt ‘gay’ bathhouse trial acquitted

All 26 men who were arrested after a raid on a ‘gay’ bath house have been acquitted by an Egyptian court.

On 7 December, the men were paraded naked with only a few in towels and underwear into police trucks and arrested for ‘inciting debauchery’.

‘Allahu Akbar (God is Greatest), Long live justice,’ the defendants shouted when the verdict was announced, after it was made clear the bathhouse was ‘innocent.

At the time of the arrests, local prosecutors said the bathhouse owner was ‘accused of turning the facility into a site of immoral and indecent conduct and group homosexuality’.

‘The ruling proved our innocence and cleared the name of the hammam. I swear we did nothing wrong,’ said Fathy Abdel Rahman, owner of the bathhouse, to AFP.

The forensic report submitted to the court stated none of the defendants showed signs of regular homosexual activities. It is unknown how this ‘forensic report’ was carried out.

Hanan, a mother of one of the defendants, told the agency: ‘Thanks to Allah, the truth is out … my son was in the hammam with his friend to bath before his wedding. My son is a real man.’

This incident shows Egypt’s crackdown of the LGBTI community is only getting worse.

In September, seven Egyptian men were arrested of debauchery after appearing in a video that showed two men getting married on a Nile riverboat.