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All-American Boy singer Steve Grand talks about his five years in gay conversion therapy

All-American Boy singer Steve Grand talks about his five years in gay conversion therapy

Gay singer Steve Grand, unknown a week ago but now an online sensation, is opening up about his painful past which included years of therapy trying to turn himself straight.

The 22-year-old’s song, All-American Boy, had reached nearly 646,500 views as of Tuesday afternoon. It tells the painful story of a gay man’s unrequited love for a straight male friend.

But Grand tells ABC’s Good Morning America even more painful was trying to accept himself and be accepted by his parents.

‘I felt like there was no way I would ever make them proud,’ he said, barely holding back tears. ‘I felt like I was a constant disappointment.’

That is why he agreed, as a teen, to go into therapy to see if he could be cured of his gayness.

‘I was so consumed by the voices I grew up hearing, like the voices of my parents telling me I need to change — and I was in straight therapy for five years,’ he tells The in an interview posted today.

He explains: ‘Essentially I was just seeing a therapist, a clinical psychologist. I don’t want to bash my therapist even though I’ve come to really believe that homosexuality is not a bad thing, or sinful, and not something that God wants you to rid yourself of, because I still have a lot of respect for him. He was a good man.’

‘At the same time, part of the therapy was dealing with my attraction to men. You’ll hear all these things about what ex-gay therapy is like, but in my situation my therapist believed that homosexuality was the result of unmet needs in childhood.’

‘Some of [this therapy] was actually helpful — I was able to talk to someone, he was so compassionate, and he really believed in me. We just ended up having a completely different perspective.’

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