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Transphobes raises thousands to ‘keep all-women shortlists female!’

Transphobes raises thousands to ‘keep all-women shortlists female!’

Transphobic Labour Party members have raised thousands in an effort to ban trans women from all-women shortlists.

The title of the campaign is ‘Keep All-Women Shortlists Female!’

They have so far raised over £16,000 ($22,212) of their £30,000 ($41,648) goal. The campaign has only been live for five days.

964 people in total have donated to the GoFundMe.

The letter attached to the campaign explains: ‘We are absolutely committed to trans people, as a marginalised group, living free from discrimination and violence: we need trans representatives, trans councillors and trans MPs in our party.

‘We are socialists and we are egalitarians. However, trans representation must not happen at the expense of female candidates and we are furious that we are having to fight another battle for women’s representation, just 100 years after the suffragette victories.’

Jennifer James is the Labour party member who started the fundraiser.

She also adds in the letter: ‘We have been advised that a legal challenge to the Labour party on this could be winnable.

‘The party has recently allowed males to be elected as women’s officers and males to be selected over females in all-woman MP candidate selections.

‘This has happened because Labour, in practice, has started to define “women” by sex AND by self-identification.

‘Labour is now relying on these two antithetical definitions of ‘woman’ to choose candidates which is the cause of this conflict of interests. We need a resolution.’

Names used

GoFundMe allows people to choose what name they use when donate to the fundraiser.

Donations have been made using Caitlyn Jenner’s deadname as well as young trans political activist Lily Madigan‘s deadname.

Further donations have been made using trans advocate Paris Lees’ name.

Activists Shon Faye and Travis Alabanza also appear. President Donald Trump’s name has also been used.

Photo: gofundme

Barristers at the ready

The campaign says they have a ‘couple of barristers ready to help.’

It is said every penny of the money will go towards the legal case demanding trans women be banned from all-women shortlists.

An update from a lawyer says: ‘I think there is little to challenge about trans women who have a GRC can stand as “women”.

‘The Gender Recognition Act 2004 says that someone who has a GRC is to be treated as the sex to which the person has transitioned.

‘The position in regard to any trans woman without a GRC is highly challengeable, I think.’