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Alleged gay man jailed in Ghana to save him from a lynch mob

Alleged gay man jailed in Ghana to save him from a lynch mob

A man accused of being a homosexual was jailed by local police in Nkawkaw District, Ghana, to save him from being killed by an angry mob, but he has since been released on bail.

The man, who’s name has been suppressed, allegedly proposition another man named Yaw Ansoh for sex in exchange for money.

Ansoh told Adom News he was initially tempted by the offer but got cold feet after meeting the man.

‘I agreed and met him at an obscure place in the community but the moment he undressed, I panicked and took to my heels,’ Ansoh said.

He then denounced the man and locals seized him in a citizen’s arrest.

However an angry mob began forming, calling for the man to be killed so Nkawkaw District Police commander Gyabeng Manu had him placed in the jailhouse for his own protection.

He has since been released but a police investigation into the matter is ongoing.

Homosexual acts, defined as ‘unnatural carnal knowledge,’ are only considered a misdemeanour in Ghana but it is possible the man will face charges relating to prostitution rather than homosexuality as the pair did not go through with the act.