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Alleged serial killer Stephen Port told sister there was dead man in his bedroom

Alleged serial killer Stephen Port told sister there was dead man in his bedroom

Stephen Port's Grindr photo

The sister of a man accused of drugging four men he met on Grindr before raping and killing them recalled in a London court on Thursday (13 October) speaking to her brother about one of the bodies.

Sharon Port said it was on 27 August in 2014 that her brother, Stephen, told her he could not wake up a man in his bed who had stayed the night.

‘He just said there was a body in his flat and I just told him to go to the police straight away. I was in a bit of a shock,’ the sister testified, according to BBC.

‘They had taken drugs but I didn’t know what. I was sick about it. It’s not the sort of thing you hear every day. I was very worried. I wanted him to drop everything and go to the station then ring me when he got out and tell me what happened.’

The sister drive to his flat and the brother told her he had already been to police.

The body of Gabriel Kovari was later found by a dog walker in a churchyard by a dog walker.

A month later, the same woman found the body of another of Port’s alleged victims, Daniel Whitworth, in the same spot.

Whitworth’s body was found with a suicide note in which he took the blame for Kovari’s death.

It stated in part: ‘I am sorry to everyone, mainly my family, but I can’t go on anymore, I took the life of my friend Gabriel Kline, we was just having some fun at a mate’s place and I got carried away and gave him another shot of G [GHB]. I didn’t notice while we was having sex that he had stopped breathing.’

Police had initially taken the note at face value. Port, 41, from Barking, was arrested last October following the discovery of the bodies of four men between June 2014 and September 2015.

He is accused with plying his victims with the drug GHB before carrying out the attacks.

The chef, who once appeared on Celebrity Masterchef, denies 29 charges, including four murders and seven rapes.

The other victims were Anthony Walgate, 23, and Jack Taylor, 25.

Prosecutor Jonathan Rees said the defendant was attracted to twinks who he would invite to his one-bed flat to drug, assault and murder them.