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Allison Janney says marrying a gay man ‘might be my next step’

Allison Janney says marrying a gay man ‘might be my next step’

At 55, Allison Janney has never been married.

But the six-time Emmy winner doesn’t rule out getting hitched one day – possibly to a gay man.

‘I have gay friends that I would marry in a heartbeat and be perfectly happy. That might be my next step,’ she tells The Advocate in an interview posted Wednesday (13 May).

‘I’d have a partner to share my life with, but I’d go have affairs. Maybe I’d get on Tinder?’

She adds: ‘I have been madly in love with a few men who were not out at the time. We made out a lot, but I had no idea they were gay.’

Janney, whose Emmys came for The West Wing, Mom, and Masters of Sex, has always clicked with gay men dating back to her early days as an unknown actress in New York.

‘I liked to have a good time and be silly,’ she says. ‘I also felt awkward and impossibly tall, and when you connect with gay men, you don’t have to worry, Does he like me? Does he want to kiss me? It’s just about friendship. The lack of sexual tension made it really easy to hang out.

‘There’s a reason why so many women have gay best friends, and there’s a reason why so many women fall in love with gay men. There are gay men in my life today that I’m totally in love with. They’re more sensitive, understanding, and they appreciate things about women that straight men run from.’

Janney most famously played a lesbian in The Hours and shared an onscreen kiss with Meryl Streep. Off screen, she’s long had to deal with people thinking she’s a lesbian because she is tall and not married.

‘If people think I’m gay, I’m fine with it,’ she says. ‘ I’ll probably never get married, and I don’t think I really want to be. I’ve never had a lesbian experience, but I’m beginning to wish I were gay. I think I’d be a lot happier!’