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Almost 180 businesses reject move to reclassify gender by the Trump administration

Almost 180 businesses reject move to reclassify gender by the Trump administration

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Almost 180 businesses have signed a statement advocating for the rights of transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex people in the US.

The Business Statement for Transgender Equality has gained around 178 signators from companies operating in the US.

The statement was written in response to a leaked government memo, which said the Trump administration was planning to classify gender based on a person’s birth genitalia.

LGBTI rights activists have said the move will effectively ‘legally erase’ transgender, gender non-conforming people.

The statement asserts that inclusivity and diversity are important for businesses, and that systemic discrimination is harmful to both the transgender community, and to business productivity.

It goes on to call for full inclusivity for full legal equality for transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex people.

The number of business to condemn the move by the White House now includes 49 enterprise businesses and 73 small and mid-size companies.

The businesses to have signed the statement collectively have over seven million employees, and have a collective annual revenue of more than $3.2 trillion.

Businesses are not alone

‘In one united voice, the business community is making clear they stand with the transgender community against the Trump-Pence administration’s unconscionable efforts to gut enforcement of existing civil rights protections,’ Jay Brown, Acting Senior Vice President for Programs, Research, and Training for LGBTI group the Human Rights Campaign, said in a statement.

‘These businesses are speaking out at a crucially important moment as the LGBTQ community faces relentless attacks on equality. No matter how hard the Trump-Pence administration continues to try, we will not be erased.’

Business leaders are not the only people to take a stance against the government’s plans.

Earlier this month, members of the scientific community signed an open letter to the Trump administration.

The letter signed by 1,600 scientists called for the government’s plans were ‘in no way “grounded in science” as the administration claims’, and the White House’s ‘proposal is fundamentally inconsistent not only with science, but also with ethical practices, human rights, and basic dignity.’

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