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Amanda Nunes keeps UFC title by beating Ronda Rousey

Amanda Nunes keeps UFC title by beating Ronda Rousey

Champion Amanda Nunes defeats challenger Ronda Rousey in approximately 48 seconds

Amanda Nunes is closing the year with a major victory. Yesterday, 30 December, the out UFC women’s bantamweight champion handily took down Ronda Rousey in a Las Vegas fight that didn’t even last one round.

According to The Telegraph, it only took the Brazilian 48 seconds to end the much hyped return of Rousey, who lost the title 13-months ago.

The fight was stopped after Nunes threw a left hook, and four-punch combination, that sent the challenger reeling back on her heels.

Nunes was a gracious champion, but noted the ring is now hers.

‘This is my time,’ said Nunes after the fight, according to The Telegraph. ‘Ronda Rousey did a lot for the sport and we thank her for that, but now I am the champion. I loved it that they disregarded me. I prepared my body and spirit for this moment. Ronda Rousey was never going to take this belt from me.’

The MMA fighter first won the crown this past July by defeating  Miesha Tate. The victory made Nunes the league’s first ever openly gay champion.

On Twitter, Nunes celebrated her victory and poked  fun at her vanquished foe. While the fight was heavily advertised, all of the media attention  focused on Rousey’s return.