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Amanda Nunes becomes UFC’s first ever openly gay champion

Amanda Nunes becomes UFC’s first ever openly gay champion

Amanda Nunes and her girlfriend Nina Ansaroff after the win ufc

Amanda Nunes defeated Miesha Tate at Saturday’s UFC 200 and became the league’s first ever openly gay champion.

In the ring, the 28-year-old Nunes broke her opponent’s nose before submitting her.

Speaking of her win at the press conference, the Brazilian MMA fighter said that she is happy to be out and proud as the new titleholder.

‘It’s amazing,’ she told the press, ‘The most important thing is I’m happy with my life. That’s the most important thing.’

Nunes also enthusiastically gave credit to her girlfriend Nina Ansaroff who was present at the conference:

‘Nina is the best training partner I’ve ever had in my life. This girl is going to be the next UFC champion. I’m telling you. Look at her, she’s shy. This girl has so many talents.’

She added: ‘She means everything to me. This girl, she helps me with everything. I love her.’

Ansaroff, 30, is American and fights in the UFC women’s straw-weight division.

UFC president Dana White commented that Nunes’ victory surprised him.

‘I didn’t see that coming,’ White said, reports ESPN. ‘Miesha Tate is well known for being tough, durable, having a great chin and taking punishment, but she couldn’t take the punishment Amanda Nunes brought out tonight.’

UFC senior executive vice president Lawrence Epstein shared that the league stands with LGBTQ athletes: ‘Just as it takes courage to step into the Octagon, it takes courage to stand for what you believe in—and we’re proud to stand with members of the LGBTQ community in their fight for equality.’

‘As friends and allies,’ he continued. ‘Our hope is to raise awareness and help support community groups like the LGBTQ Center that directly impact LGBTQ individuals.’

Other out female fighters include Liz Carmouche and Jessica Andrade. No male fighters have come out yet.

Nunes, who is currently living in Florida, also commented on the Orlando mass shooting which happened less than a month ago, to the press.

‘It’s very sad,’ she said. ‘I wish these things didn’t happen anymore. Peace in the world is very important. I don’t think the USA is gonna let this happen anymore. It’s gonna stop.’

In the wake of horrific tragedy which killed 49 people, UFC launched a ‘We Are All Fighters’ campaign to show support for the LGBTQ community.

You can watch Nunes at the press conference here: